The entire property is zoned R-5 (residential). The site has approximately 1,050 square feet of U.S. Jurisdictional Wetland in the northwest corner (the corner closest to the lake). The lowest part of the site is also adjacent to the Ka’elepulu wetlands. Several reports reviewed and approved by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have verified the boundaries of the wetlands area at the site.

In response to the community’s concerns over historic ponding on the site and the potential effects of the new construction on the wetlands, the site plan is currently being altered. The park at the lowest part of the site has been expanded significantly and a retention pond has been added that will serve to retain the stormwater from the site and prevent it from entering the wetlands. The retention pond will be designed with the intention of supporting the Ka’elepulu ecosystem by providing additional habitat for the native species that call the adjacent Ka’elepulu Wetlands home. The park and pond will serve as a buffer between the built environment and the wetland and will also serve as public green space for the larger Enchanted Lake community.

During construction, there will be redundant systems in place to ensure that no person or equipment enters the wetland area on the project site or the wetlands next door. There will also be redundant systems in place to ensure that water from the site does not enter the wetland and lake during construction. We know that this has been a significant issue with the previous owner and other developers in the past and we will be vigilant that we do not cause the same problem; we understand that the community and neighbors will hold us to the highest standard of water and environmental management

If you live adjacent to the lot, one of two things may currently be happening at the border between the project site and your property:

  1. Every time it rains, the water runs off the lot and into your yard, possibly causing flooding or ponding in your yard during large rain events.

We will be adding drainage around the perimeter of the site to stop water from running onto your property when it rains. Instead, water will now be routed into the pond at the lower end of the site.

  1. Your lot and/or pool drains onto the project site.

We understand that there are lots that were built many years ago and were set up so that they drain onto the lot; in some cases, pools may also drain onto the lot. We will be adding drainage along these lots that can handle large amounts of water from your lot. This water will be retained and managed through the drainage system running around the perimeter of the project site.

During the first Neighborhood Board Planning and Zoning Committee meeting that we attended, it was suggested by a neighbor that we add a pond to the site. It was noted that there is currently standing water on the site that native birds visit. The new pond would help to manage water and respect the current condition of the site. We also heard that residents of Enchanted Lake don’t currently have a space where they can go and observe the wetland species that call the lake and wetland home. We agree that this project is a great opportunity to get the community a little closer to the habitat. The artificial wetland pond will be designed to support wetland species and add habitat. There will also be areas where the community can see and learn about the various species that live in the adjacent wetlands. This project will also add park area that will be open to the public.

Using Census data of the average number of families with children and the average number of children that each of those families have, our best guess is that there will be somewhere in the range of 25 to 35 children residing in the new homes once they are all occupied. Those children are spread out across the age range of 0-18 years old. Our expectation is that some of those children will already be part of the Hawai’i Public School system and some may be private school students. According to the Hawai’i DOE SchoolSite Locator, public school students in the new homes would go to Keolu Elementary, Kailua Intermediate and Kailua High.

So what does this mean for area schools? About twelve new students in grades K-6, about three new students in grades 7-8 and about seven new students in grades 9-12 split between private and public schools.

The project is currently in the concept phase, which means that it is in the process of being designed, reviewed and changed by the design team in response to input from neighbors and the Department of Permitting and Planning.

We expect to break ground and begin project construction sometime this year. Before any construction takes place, there will be mitigations put in place to minimize the impact on the surrounding neighborhood. There will be dust screens, loose soil will be covered and/or wet down, stormwater management will be in place to prevent run-off, and all work will be kept within reasonable hours. There will also be a hotline set up before construction starts for neighbors to call with any urgent problems.

This section will be updated as the project moves forward to reflect the most accurate dates available.

This website will be updated as the project moves forward. Drawings and site plan revisions and recommended solutions will be updated, and additional information will be shared as the project evolves, reflecting input from the community, design team and government and taking into consideration the land itself.

Please email and your message will be passed on to the design team and/or owner.